Call Us When You Need Us

Call Us When You Need Us

We offer emergency dental services in Rochester, MN

Some dental offices make you wait weeks, or even months, to schedule an appointment. Not so with Broadway Dental Care. We're proud to offer emergency dental services at our Rochester, MN office. If you're experiencing pain or any other emergency situation, we'll work hard to get you in as soon as possible.

A knowledgeable emergency dentist can be the difference between spending many sleepless nights in pain and getting quick relief. Don't hesitate to contact us when you need emergency dental services.

When should you call a dentist for emergency treatment?

Some dental problems simply can't wait. You should schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist right away if:

  • You experience fever in combination with tooth pain
  • You notice major swelling in your gums or jaw
  • You've chipped, cracked or broken a tooth
  • You find a large lump in your gum that wasn't there before
  • You're dealing with tooth pain that keeps you up at night

Waiting around to get treatment can make the problem much worse. Contact us to schedule an appointment as soon as you experience any of these symptoms.